Portable Hydraulic Pickup & Laydown
Systems for Oilfield Tubulars

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The PIPEHANDLER is available in both Tubing and Casing models. Please reference the Specs page for more detailed information.

Saves Time and Reduces Operator Costs

The PIPEHANDLER can place a joint of pipe to the wellhead in as little as 15 seconds. It picks up and lays down pipe rapidly and never gets tired or calls in sick! A quick return on your investment is achieved through the reduction of personnel, task time, and the risk of exposure.

The PIPEHANDLER provides your company with a significant cost advantage while enhancing the company's safety profile.

The PIPEHANDLER gives you that substantial competitive edge over manhandling tubulars the old fashioned way. The PIPEHANDLER provides fast, efficient, trouble-free pick up and lay down capabilities for a nominal initial cost.

Customer Pleasing Tubular Protection

The PIPEHANDLER incorporates the use of high-density polyethylene plastic designed for protecting expensive tubulars. This application eliminates thread damage, scratches, and bends. In turn, this lowers the risk of catastrophic failures caused by compromised tubulars.

The PIPEHANDLER elevates customer retention because it is engineered to shore up the bottom line through improved job performance.

Engineered Automation

The PIPEHANDLER is fully hydraulic and self-contained. Tailor-made adjustable drop down jacks stabilize the unit on well site locations. The pick up and lay down of the tubulars is achieved hydraulically eliminating the use of buckets or cables. Modern in design, it utilizes the latest diesel-engine powered technology to provide the highest quality, cost effective, and efficient pipe handling services available.

Safety--Lower Insurance Cost

The PIPEHANDLER takes the backbreaking labor out of the equation and allows hands, feet, and heads to be kept out from under the threat of "falling pipe"--a serious and common cause of oilfield accidents.

The PIPEHANDLER provides a safer way to handle pipe in workover operations. The potential insurance savings can be a major benefit because the risk of exposure that employees have from otherwise handling the pipe is greatly reduced.

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